Mopar Connection Repair Kit

Standard Procedure - Wire Splicing

CAUTION: If additional wire is needed when making a splice repair to any wire, it is important that the same or next larger size wire gauge be used. Refer to the appropriate wiring diagram for the original wire gauge size. Never use acid core solder for electrical wiring repairs.

  1. Remove 13 millimeters (0.50 inch) of insulation from each wire that needs to be spliced.
  2. Place a piece of adhesive sealant-lined heat shrink tubing (Part Number 04778570 or equivalent) over the wire on one side of the splice. Be certain the length of tubing will be sufficient to cover and seal the entire repair area.
  3. Place the strands of the wires being spliced so that they are overlapping each other within the splice band (1).
  4. Using a crimping tool (1) (MOPAR Part Number 05019912AA, Miller Special Tool Number 10042 or equivalent) crimp the splice band and wires together securely.
  5. Using rosin core type solder (1) only and a suitable solder- ing iron (3), solder the wire and splice band connection (2) together.
  6. Center the heat shrink tubing (2) over the splice joint repair and heat using a suitable heat gun. Heat the joint until the tubing is tightly sealed and sealant (1) begins to ooze out of both ends of the tubing.